Oil Change

By Taking Your Car in For a Routine Oil ChangeĀ Golden Help's Drivers Ensure Vehicle Safety

Even high-end vehicles are only reliable if they are adequately maintained. By not skipping that regular Oil Change Golden car owners will help to increase their engines' longevity, and help it to run more smoothly over time. Although there is some contention as to the appropriate time frame for regular oil changes, experts agree that the service manual recommendations must be followed for optimum performance. Most manufacturers recommend somewhere between 3,000 and 7,000 miles. However, even if the car is not driven daily, the oil should still be changed at least twice a year.

Although for some vehicle owners in Golden Oil and Filter change procedures may seem straightforward enough to be performed at home, there are surprisingly few advantages to home service. Oil is expensive when purchased at an automotive store, and the tools and equipment necessary to raise the vehicle off the ground and safely collect any old oil increase the cost of home maintenance significantly. Additionally, taking the car in to a shop like Golden Automotive will help to avoid potentially expensive damage. A professional mechanic will know what grade of oil to use, and whether full-synthetic or a blend will be more appropriate for any particular car.

When vehicle owners take their cars in for an Oil and Filter Change Golden mechanics typically check other important fluid levels as well, and top them off as needed. This helps to ensure vehicle and driver safety in addition to keeping the engine running in top shape. When levels of brake fluid or transmission fluid are low it can dramatically impact how the vehicle handles. Many drivers don't know how to check these levels themselves, and some don't even realize that they need to be topped off regularly. Heading to the mechanic can help those not in the know to avoid hazardous driving conditions.

Don't put off necessary maintenance for the sake of trying to save a few dollars. It will only cost more in the long run. Instead find the right services at the right price today. Here in Golden Oil Change providers are more than happy to help drivers understand their options and find the products to keep their engines cool and lubricated.