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4 Belt-Related Signs of the Need for Automobile AC Repair in Golden

The belt is one of the simplest parts of a vehicle’s air conditioning system, but it is a vital one. The AC belt connects the engine’s crankshaft and the AC’s compressor clutch, which turns the compressor when the engine is on. As with most belts, the AC belt is either serpentine or a V-belt. Whichever belt type a vehicle has, when the belt fails, it will display certain symptoms that alert the vehicle owner of the need for Automobile AC Repair Golden.

Squealing Noises When AC is Turned On

An obvious sign of the need for Golden Auto AC Repair occurs when the belt produces a screeching or squealing noise as the air conditioner is switched on. While a loose belt can make noise, in most cases, it is due to wear which keeps the belt from properly gripping pulleys. A high-pitched squeal is a reliable indicator that Car AC Repair Golden is necessary.

A Cracked AC Belt

Another visual indicator of an urgent need for Golden Auto AC Repair is cracks in the belt. The longer it’s been since the belt was changed, the more wear it has suffered, and wear will eventually cause cracking and dryness. Old belts won’t grip AC pulleys properly, and they’re more likely to break than newer belts are. If a belt is cracked and worn, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

A Broken Belt

Another sign of imminent AC failure is a broken belt. An old belt may snap due to wear and tear, and the signs of a broken belt are readily apparent. An AC with a broken belt will not work when turned on, and a visual inspection should identify the need for belt replacement.

A Non-Functional Defroster

A less common symptom of belt failure happens when the windshield defroster stops working. A vehicle’s defroster is linked to its AC system, and the compressor must work properly for it to function. If the belt slips or snaps, neither the defroster nor the compressor will work.

While the air conditioner’s belt is a simple part, it is critical to the proper function of the system. If a driver suspects issues with the AC belt, they should bring the car in for Automobile AC Repair Golden as soon as possible.