Brakes & Brakes Replacement

4 SIgns That Brake Repair and Brake Replacement in Golden are Needed

While cars are made of many important parts, the brakes play a critical role. Where auto maintenance and repair are concerned, a properly maintained braking system is crucial to the driver’s safety and that of other motorists. Drivers should know the signs of brake failure so they can get Golden Brake Repair as soon as possible.

Squealing When the Brakes are Applied

A vehicle’s brakes are designed to screech or squeal when the pads become worn. A tiny mechanism creates a shrill noise that stops when the brakes are used, and hearing this noise is a reliable indicator of impending brake failure. If the brakes squeal when used, take the car in immediately for Brake Repair and Brake Replacement Golden.

Vehicle Vibration With Brake Use

If the car vibrates, shakes or makes other abnormal motions when the brakes are applied, there’s a chance that the rotors are warped. The rotors are the wheel components that hold the brake pads, and they help to slow the vehicle during a stop. When rotor warping occurs, the vehicle’s stopping power is greatly diminished.

Grinding or Howling Noises

When there’s a grinding or howling noise upon brake application, the brake pads have worn down to where there’s little material left, and metal is grinding on metal. When the issue gets to this point, a simple Brake Pad Replacement Golden won’t work; it’s likely that the drums or rotors will need to be replaced as well.

A Soft Brake Pedal

If the car’s stopping distance has significantly increased, it may indicate severe wear on Brakes Golden. However, longer stopping distances can point to more serious braking issues such as a brake fluid leak or an air bubble in the brake lines.

If a driver experiences any of the signs listed above, they should contact a local shop for Brake Repair Golden. Many drivers are tempted to ignore the signs of brake failure because they believe that it costs too much to have repairs done, but delaying service can be costly in multiple ways. By bringing the vehicle in for service, drivers can restore it to factory condition and keep themselves and others safe.